Terms & Conditions

Securing our services:

Toms Kitchen Terms and conditions

When securing the booking with ourselves a deposit payment of 10% of the expected final invoice or £300 whichever is the greater will be due and once paid the contract will come in to effect.

Payment Schedule:

Our preferred payment method is BACS

If you wish to make any of the payments by Credit card this will need to be pre-arranged due to charges that we incur

AMEX is not accepted

Two further payments will be made the first will be required 3 months prior to the wedding for 50% of the outstanding expected final invoice and the final payment being due one month before the wedding. In order for the final payment to be made we will require final numbers from you 6 weeks prior to the wedding.

If the number of guests decreases before two weeks prior to the wedding we will refund the cost per person however if it falls within the two week period then no refunds will be given. If the number of guests increases then all additional monies owing will be due immediately.

Cancellation policy:

The following cancellation charges will apply once the booking has been confirmed, together with the non-refundable deposit. Cancellations must be confirmed by post and email. Cancellation charges are as follows:

Number of day’s notification Cancellation cost:

  • 180 days plus None
  • Less than 180 days 25% inclusive of the deposit
  • Less than 90 days Deposit already paid + 25% of remaining balance
  • Less than 60 days Deposit already paid + 50% of remaining balance
  • Less than 30 days Deposit already paid + 75% of remaining balance
  • Less than 15 days Full remaining balance

Travel Radius:

We offer catering services throughout the Cambridgeshire area. This service is normally free in the local area but may be charged at the discretion of the Company. Additional charges will apply for events in other areas of the UK.

Catering Numbers:

Final numbers must be notified not less than 6 weeks before the function. Where numbers exceed the original quotation they will be charged pro-rata. Where numbers are less than the original quotation the cost will be reduced pro-rata by up to a maximum of 5% for example if the quoted price is based on 100 guests and the guest decrease to 80 the charge made will be for 95 guests or the menu cost may be revised. Where increased numbers are notified less than 48 hours ahead of the function the availability of the extra food cannot be guaranteed


We agree to hire our linen and glasses to you on the basis that any damages will incur an additional cost of £42 per table cloth (this includes burns, cutting, staining from non-washable ink, candle wax etc) and £1 per glass broken this will be invoiced across after the wedding and again payment will be due within the week. All prices are subject to VAT

If Toms Kitchen are providing you with linen and the venue is not able to take this off the tables you will be responsible for placing the cloths into the linen bags by 11am the following morning.



  1. These terms of business shall apply to catering services (Services) carried out by Tom’s Kitchen CCS Limited (hereafter ‘we’) for a client (hereafter ‘you’).
  2. A separate schedule (the ‘Schedule’) will define the Services we shall provide and the contributions you have agreed to provide (your ‘Contributions’). The schedule may be documented in a paper or electronic document or email. These terms of business shall be attached to the Schedule, either physically or electronically.
  3. Agreement of the Schedule in writing by you shall bring the Contract into being. Note that ‘in writing’ shall include by email. The Contract shall include the Schedule and these terms. In the event of any conflict between the documents the Schedule shall take precedence. Following agreement, the Schedule may be altered by agreement. Such agreement may be informally made by telephone or meeting as long as the change is then confirmed in writing (by email or otherwise).

    What we will do

  4. We shall carry out the Services in a professional and competent manner and use staff with appropriate skills and experience. We shall also carry out the Services with proper regard to health and safety, including compliance with food regulations, within the constraints of the site where the Work is carried out. Where you are providing premises or other facilities will expect you to provide a safe working environment for us.   We shall use reasonable endeavours to meet the objectives of the Services, but given the nature of the Services (for example, variations in the nature of food raw materials) we cannot guarantee that all objectives will be met.
  5. If causes outside our reasonable control give rise to a delay in meeting, or failing to meet, our obligations under the Contract, then we shall not be held liable. In such event we shall inform you promptly and use reasonable endeavours to make alternative arrangements, but cannot guarantee we will be able to do so in all situations.

    What you will do

  6. We will expect you to provide your Contributions as defined in the Schedule and if you fail to do so, or do so late, you agree to pay all our reasonable additional charges (2.5%) arising from such failure to perform or delay and further understand this may mean that we will be unable to carry out the Services as agreed. This does not prejudice any of our other rights.


  7. Payment shall be as defined in the Schedule. All payments are payable on demand. If you are late in any payment we shall have no further obligation to perform the Services and may terminate the Contract immediately. In the event of such termination, any payments already made shall not be refundable and you shall remain liable to pay any outstanding payments.Publicity and Ownership
  8. We shall own all intellectual property and other rights to menus and recipes generated by us and you agree to keep such menus and recipes confidential unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  9. We shall be able to publicise basic details of the Services, such as numbers of people, event and menu but shall not disclose any information about you without your permission.

    Legal bits

  10. Our total liability to you for all direct loss or damage shall be as follows. For death or serious injury caused through our proven negligence, our liability shall be unlimited. For all other direct loss or damage, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, shall not exceed the amount which you pay us for carrying out the Contract. We do not accept any liability for any indirect, unforeseeable or consequential loss or damage.
  11. Without prejudice to our overall liability to any third party resulting from our performance of the services under the Contract you agree to indemnify us against any such liability.
  12. This Contract shall be governed by the laws of England. In the event of any dispute between us under this Contract that is not settled within 30 days by amicable negotiation, the dispute shall be presented to and settled by the Small Claims Court.