Have you got a birthday party or special occasion and don’t want to do all the hard work of planning what to offer your guests to eat and then having to make it all? No problem, leave it to us.

This is what Cristelle did for the 40th birthday party she was throwing.

We delivered a menu of:

Parma ham, milano salami and chorizo with sun blush tomatoes, olives, and ciabatta
Moroccan style cous cous with sultanas and coriander
Pickled red cabbage with chilli and ginger
New potatoes with spring onions, parsley and wholegrain mustard mayonnaise
Rocket salad with ricotta and hazelnuts
For dessert, citrus cheesecake and fruit salad

Arriving in plenty of time for Cristelle to be relaxed and not having to rush around, we delivered the dishes and helped to plate them up onto her own platters. Within 15minutes Cristelle had a table full of delicious dishes delivered and plated up ready for her guests to enjoy. Simple!

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