We were hired to provide catering for a charity casino night in a village near Ely Cambridge.

The event was a huge success raising several thousand pounds for a local charity.

The catering we supplied is listed below.

-Circular sweet potato and blackened potato chips (with numbers on)

-Playing card toasts i.e. sesame prawn with an array of toppings, all the same size as playing cards symbol in diagonal corners i.e. heart or spade.

-Fruit machine cake with either 3 cherries or 3 bars across.

-Spiced Polenta dice with numbers either 1-6 on top.

-Club sandwiches cut in the shape of hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades some to be different colours.

-Mini Pavlova with vanilla cream and raspberry.

-Mini cheese burger with tomato relish

-Cone of salted chips

All the feedback we received was fantastic, with lots of comments on how people had never seen food be this interesting and exciting before.

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