Making their way out of the snow that was falling heavily, the guests arrived to a sunny reception of pimms and orange juice to banish the wintry blues. After the opportunity to warm up the guests were invited to a hog roast accompanied with a selection of:

Sides of salmon with fennel, lemon, dill.
Fresh baguettes and soft baps
Apple sauce
Pasta with pesto, pine nuts and parmesan
Tomato, red onion, basil, and balsamic dressing
Potato, spring onion, parsley, wholegrain mustard mayonnaise
Green leaf salad
Large med style mixed salad
Selection of sun bush tomatoes and olives.

Three tier cheesecake

After the meal the bride and groom cut the wedding cake and this was served for dessert.

The disco then got into full swing as the evening guests arrived and a traditional style buffet was set out to keep the party goers dancing!

Homemade Sausage rolls
Vol au vents prawn, mushroom, egg
Pork pies
Selection of sandwiches
Cheese and pineapple sticks
Chicken drumsticks
Crudites, crisps and dips

A great day and great compliments for the chef too!

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